Project Management

KHLowery Consulting can provide additional resources to keep projects on cycle. We work with authors and subject matter experts to help manage their delivery of content on a timeline. We work with production departments to provide necessary forms regarding art, design, and permissions to begin the production process.

Project Management by KHLowery Consulting

“It is my pleasure to recommend KHLowery Consulting and Kelly Lowery to you to meet your editorial oversight and project management needs. I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Lowery on two large medical publication projects. The first publication involved a textbook of approximately 1400 pages and the second a somewhat smaller text of approximately 600 pages. Her responsibilities for both of these efforts involved submission tracking, manuscript editing, coordination of artwork and illustrations, and overall project oversight to assure on-time delivery of high quality completed manuscript. The combination of skills that she brought to bear was essential and invaluable in the successful completion of these publications.”

PETER PONS, M.D. and Author

We are able to step in and drive the management of a project from any point in development or production without interruption. We work to deliver research, manuscripts, or ancillary content to meet a desired publication date. Together, we collaborate with clients to:

  • Correspond and collaborate with authors to meet manuscript submission schedules.
  • Coordinate the revision schedule with doctors and medical professionals who are writing journal articles or revising new edition of medical textbooks.
  • Review manuscript against reviewer comments, and prepare manuscript for submission to production.
  • Submit manuscript and ancillary content to a production or media department.
  • Maintain the schedule and work with the author and internal staff through all phases of production to publication including finalization of text and cover design.
  • Recruit and manage accuracy review panels during manuscript creation or production.