Market Development

We believe that our unique approach to market development can increase sales, drive digital usage, convert potential customers into long-term clients, and build brand loyalty. Our objective is to focus on trends we observe within customer feedback and deliver actionable data to help you make better-informed decisions and increase your market share. KHLowery Consulting will provide the following research-tested tools to launch a product in a competitive environment.

“KHLowery Consulting has been incredibly helpful for our mission of doing excellent research with both students and faculty to build outstanding learning solutions.  KHLowery Consulting did an exceptional job of listening to our needs and then partnering with us to do intensive market research around the country. Their attention to detail, understanding of the college market, careful questioning and top-notch delivery of materials helped us create products to satisfy both students and instructors. We look forward to many more years of working together on exciting new projects.”

MONICA ECKMAN, Product Director, Humanities, Cengage Learning

Comprehensive Interviews

Instructors, students, physicians, and other print and digital customers appreciate the opportunity to voice their opinions about the content and products they use. Comprehensive interviews provide individualized discussions about a course, a product, or a new strategy. KHLowery consultants are skilled at asking probing questions, listening to and distilling customer feedback, and more importantly, creating an objective environment where customers are comfortable sharing their true opinions and insights.

Comprehensive interviews are effective ways to:

  • Test and demonstrate the features of your product with potential customers.
  • Evaluate how medical professionals are searching and using the content in journals.
  • Assess the decision process by determining who is involved in selecting new products and the factors driving their choices.
  • Probe non-users, who were previously users, for the reasons they discontinued using your product.

“The live interviews conducted by KHLowery Consultants gave us insight on how our product was (and in some cases, was not) meeting the customer’s needs.  In addition, the interviews provided information on decision dynamics, which allowed us to better target future market development activities.  There is no way we have been able to do this on our own and will certainly call on Kelly and her staff for future product launches! KHLowery Consultants have been instrumental in our market development activities.  We needed their help for live interviews, student focus groups and event population – and they delivered!  I would highly recommend Kelly and her staff.”

DAWN BERCIER,  McGraw-Hill Education

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Customer Profile Analysis

Markets are continually evolving, which means customer information can quickly become outdated for our clients. KHLowery Consulting helps by conducting a needs analysis of top potential customers.

To ensure that customer profiles are up-to-date and represent the most accurate information, we will create a plan of action for achieving a thorough analysis of the potential and current customer base. We start by answering these questions:

  • What data is lacking to understand the needs of the customer?
  • What critical information is needed to determine if the potential consumer represents the target market?
  • How much information is out-of-date and needs refining?

“KHLowery Consulting had many new ideas of how to reach our customers, while remaining flexible to our needs and market niche. This collaborative approach helped us secure the best and most useful feedback.”

BROOKE BARBIER, PhD, Acquiring Sponsoring Editor, Western and World History

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Market Research Surveys

In order to seed the market effectively, it is critical to understand how the market is changing and how customers’ needs are evolving. We work with clients to develop an effective survey that will deliver both qualitative and quantitative results to build a long-term product strategy. KHLowery Consulting will create the questionnaire, form a methodology for reaching customers and potential customers, and construct a meaningful summary to highlight opportunities and challenges. We help medical publishers determine how to develop market driven content, assist librarians in identifying how end-users are searching for critical information, and work with academic publishers to identify new opportunities in entrenched markets.

“I have collaborated with Kelly Lowery (KHLowery Consulting) on market development projects for the past several years and would recommend her services to anyone and everyone with the greatest confidence. Kelly and her team have been instrumental in the successful launches of many of our print and digital products through their consistently seamless creation, distribution, and management of every market development activity they take on—surveys, interviews, focus groups, and beyond. When I want a project done right, when I want results, I call Kelly.”

LAURA ROSS, Product Manager, Cengage Learning

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Customer Focus Groups

Building market awareness is a challenging endeavor when you are unable to observe customers’ perceptions. Focus groups with students, professors, librarians, and medical professionals offer opportunities to test an idea or product in development with an audience of potential users to gauge their collective perceptions. We facilitate both virtual and in-person focus groups with customers and potential customers to seed the market, generate market awareness, and uncover needs before the product or digital asset is developed or as it is being launched to market.

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