Editorial Development

We understand the importance and difficulty of developing competitive products in established academic and medical markets. We use that understanding and our experience to help clients successfully deliver first editions and revised editions into the marketplace.

Editorial Development by KHLowery Consulting

“KHLowery Consulting (formerly Collaborative Concepts) has been the preferred company for editorial development and marketing for my group for over three years now. Kelly and her team have the background and experience that are essential to the successful development of our first editions and high priority products. Their reliability and follow-through gave me peace of mind and a certainty that our products were in great hands.”

CHRISTOPHER SHORTT, Publisher Global Engineering, Cengage Learning

First Editions

Our unique approach to launching first editions begins with creating a strategic coalition of quality reviewers. Our experienced developmental editors choose customers who represent the target market and therefore are more likely to adopt the first edition. Before the product is launched we want to address:

  • What are the vulnerabilities of the current market leading texts?
  • How does this text compare/differ from the market leading texts?
  • How does this text compare/differ from the other texts that you publish in the same market?
  • What digital assets will help with switching costs?


All editions should tell a story that can resonate with the potential consumers. We utilize multiple resources to uncover market needs and identify key elements in need of development to maximize a product’s impact. These resources include: